Lwansta gives you NORMVL

“NORMVL is the ultimate representation of my character”

Lwansta (@DeathByLwansta) recently dropped a mixtape titled NORMVL, which is nominated for a SAHHA in the best mixtape category. This is his 7th independent release he says. “The title comes from a concept that already exists but I adapted it more on a personal level, it's that 'normality is an illusion', there's no such thing as weird, there's no such thing as normal. Your normal is not Fikile Mbalula's normal, just as your weird is not his weird.”

With so much change happening in the game we see how the fashion has changed and hear how the sound has too. He says he doesn’t quite get the definition of “New Age Rapper” but says “, I am not a new-age-rapper, because I don't listen attentively to other rappers' music or what's selling right now if it's something along the lines of just being part of a "new age" or era of rappers "too look out for", "who's got next", young guys, on the come up, in a totally different context compared to that of your Redmans’ and D12s then, HYFR!”

NORMVL dropped in August and he’s been getting great feedback all round. He’s already on his 2nd single “Lindiwe”. The first single was "Fire Place Flow" which featured Lil Trix. He did everything himself on the project- from the sleeve design/production/arrangement/distribution and the writing.

In the era where co-signs matter more than talent, Lwansta says they haven’t done anything significant for him even though he’s gotten a few from the likes of Tweezy (Run Jozi Producer), Eugene Singer, Maxhoseni, JayTip, Kimosabe, Dilaska and fellow lyricists he shares mutual respect with.

“Co-signs are cool though, I screen grab every single one of them and save them in a folder on my laptop. I'd say they're good for your confidence and self-esteem 'cause I rarely tag people when I share links 'cause that's annoying, but if I do tag you it's probably 'cause I REALLY want you to hear it because of something you tweeted maybe a week or a month ago, but yeah, co-signs are good at showing that your music is getting out there and it's traveling. I don't bank on 'em, if they come, they come, checkpoint, make more music, getting the word out there, more co-signs, checkpoint.”

For now moving forward he continues the hard work, the hustle. “I've been taking almost EVERY opportunity I could find, there's that Miller #LockTheFlow competition I entered (results out on the 27th November). I just won a studio session with pH from Ms. Cosmo's Rap Factor competition on The Stir Up. There's the Shiz Niz Mixtape Competition I also just entered, but my next move is probably creating this movie of a music video for one of my singles titled "Lindiwe", so winning that 10K from Miller Genuine Draft would be a boost but I just want this video. I want to breathe life into this song. Otherwise, it's just going to be NORMVL from here to the end, I'm not just going to release NORMVL; I'm going to raise it and put in work! NORMVL isn't just a mixtape anymore, it's my way of life, its Lwandile Nkanyuza (his real name).

What would he like to see happen in the local scene?

“I’d like for HYPE (magazine) to have a "Who's Got Next" cover issue (something like XXL Freshmen) but that's only if they pick me among others for the first issue, if not hayi ke (laughs).

For me personally, from a come-up point of view, I'd just like to see more platforms created for SA Hip Hop, frequent radio show slots or even full stations, and blogs like TheStreetWordIz and SlikourOnLife, they're doing so well for SA Hip Hop, more of that kind would be really cool to have.

Also, I think upcoming Hip Hop artist need to be more independent to start off, they need to stop thinking they necessarily need help, or need a label to get their stuff together, 'cause you don't, the more you do yourself, the more you know, the more you know, the more you grow, the more you grow, the more you become a force not to be messed with.”

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